2013, the year that was

A look back at a fun and eventful year 2013. I remember it as the year in which Mother Earth was not really nice to alarmist minds. Not surprisingly the media excelled themselves in consistently looking the other way, yet regained full strength when something, anything came along that could confirm the narrative. A fun compilation.

2013 was the year that the pause was already 17 years old (according to the RSS satellite dataset). Although the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere rose to unprecedented levels, temperatures didn’t collaborated well. Scientists were baffled and still trying to figure out what the hell is going on here. This is something we were hoping for all along. We were told that global warming is something really bad, a 17 year standstill would be a desirable thing.
Yet we hardly hear anything about this pause in the media and when it did get mention, it is quickly added that the scientists declare that the warmth mysteriously jumped into the deep ocean and it would only a matter of time when it would jump back out. No word that the increase of the deep ocean was an assumption of the scientists, not something that was actually measured or compared. If it paused even in face of an unprecedented increase of its supposed main cause, that should make humble those who were so damned sure about this connection. Yet, what we hear is that scientists are more sure now than ever. How could that be?

In the part of the world I live, it was the year without a spring and the beginning of a summer began also cold. One would think people would jump for joy: one year less global warming.
Yet the mainstream media exhausted themselves in explaining the cold weather was due to the melting ice of the Arctic. Global warming obviously did it.
Now North America is cold and snowy again this year, what will this get attributed to?

In August a team tried to row (a part of) the Northwest passage. Crossing the passage on human power alone would prove once and for all that global warming was there, really. But got stuck in the ice. You would expect them to be humbled because they were stopped by the very thing they were saying would hardly be there any more.
Yet they were claiming that, whatever happened, global warming was still there, even stronger than ever and their failure didn’t prove anything. In the end they were even more sure about global warming?!?

We had a record extent of the Antarctic and the Arctic ice was growing again. 50%-60% extra in a couple seasons. Global ice extent was also highest. One would think this would be a good thing. Higher albedo, you know.
Yet the mainstream media was sooooo incredibly focused on the Arctic melt of last year. Although a year pasted since then, they simply couldn’t get enough of it! Ignoring completely the current growth against a year ago.

The IPCC wrote in their fifth report that there was only low certainty on increases of droughts and tropical storms due to anthropogenic global warming. Also before the release the models that confirmed global warming were criticized.
Yet no mention in the media about how the models failed. In stead it focused on the, ahem, “increase of certainty” of the AR5 in the face of the contrary. The poor sods, it was not in the press release, so how could they know. Also, the politicians in COP19 jostled each other to attribute Haiyan to our emissions. Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa. Even the UN secretary general ignored its own report and in no uncertain terms connected Haiyan to global warming and our emissions.

Then came a very nice November, temperature wise. According to the satellite dataset, globally it was not remarkable comparing to their recorded history.
Yet it was reported as the warmest November everrrrrr. When one carefully select the surface station data and compared it with hardly existing data until a couple decades or so, a record month could be squeezed out. And yes, no effort was spared to breathlessly broadcast this fact to the world.

At the end of the year there was a ship stuck in the Antarctic sea ice. On it were tourists but also (climate) scientists and journalists that by doing this trip want to tell the story of global warming. That would be a nice opportunity for the media to be a little bit critical. Tell us for example a little bit more about the all time record ice extent…ever. Also think of the headlines it could make: scientists who want to show the ice is disappearing, trapped in the ice…in the Antarctic summer…
Yet the only news we got were the shipwrecked partying and enjoying the sight of the penguins. The mainstream media failed to mention the reason why those climate scientists were going to the Antarctic.

Nothing new here.

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