Biting the helping hand

The Group of 7 landed in Brussels for their meeting on June 3 and 4. It seemed to be really quiet there in Brussels, only one demonstration was planned: Oxfam organized a happening against increasing food and energy prices. They found this happening so important that they didn’t even mentioned it on their website.

Video still VRT News

Video still VRT News

The happening consisted of seven persons dressed in giant puppet costumes, representing the leaders of the G7. Some of them had some kind of breathing device to inhale gas. Others had some coal or money in their hand. According to the spokeswoman, representing addiction to fossil fuels, that was said causing climate change that skyrocketed the prices of food and energy. I was very surprised to see the French president Hollande carrying an infusion with the text, of all things, “Oil”…

The reason for this happening (translated from Dutch):

The EU is currently putting together a climate energy package for 2030 with new goals. Oxfam hopes that Europe can play a leading role within the G7, by advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy as a solution.

What I don’t get is this. In fact they are asking a favor of the European leaders in the G7. Do they really think that ridiculing those leaders would help their cause?!?! More, Europe is the one continent that is actually involved in lowering emissions. Speaking of a short sighted mission.

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