The Mann lecture: the science missing in action


Been to the Mann lecture “The Hockey Stick and the Climate wars – the battles continues” yesterday. It was a weird experience, to say the least.

The lecture itself was bland. There was absolutely no depth and it was extremely one-sided.

We saw Mann the green activist, the political activist, the noble man, the preacher, the sales man, stirrer of emotions, the poor victim. I missed one person on stage and that was Mann the scientist.

We heard the usual logical fallacies: we can’t think of anything else, we can only simulate the warming by increasing CO2, there really is a consensus,…

You just name it, about every alarmist cliché passed in review. The physics is clear, the models are right, the debate is over, we have to act now, Paris is our last change to stay within two degrees, there is no action because of vested interests and powerful politicians, Big Tobacco, the IPCC is the summon of climate knowledge, droughts, floods, melting ice, a slide with what I think was about coral bleaching, smoking chimneys, we have to do it for the next generation and of course those cuddly polar bears. Later a picture of his daughter with yet another polar bear.

Not even half in the lecture my thoughts were: WHERE IS THE SCIENCE?!?!?!

On the other side, if you were from the green movement, this would be a very entertaining talk and you would drink every word he said. If you have no background whatsoever about the science, this would all make perfect sense. If you were an activist, you would have been strengthen in your beliefs and call for action.

This could well be a slick sales man pitch from Greenpeace.

But there was no substance there, just an empty shell. The same empty shell we see every day in the mainstream media.


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