Two candles to blow!

Today marks the second anniversary since I started this blog. In those two years, I managed to write 200 blog posts (this one is post 201), which works out to an average of an entry every three/four days. That is about double of what I envisioned when starting this blog.

Time to reflect on the past year.

After those 2 years I still like blogging and, surprisingly, I have never been at a loss for topics. My only problem has been finding the time to finish posts before something else interesting popped up. For that reason, several posts got abandoned before they were finished.

In the last year, views were on the rise, but got a incredible boost during my visit of the Cook and Mann talks in Bristol last year in September. At that time this blog got linked at WUWT and when it all settled, it gave me a five time increase of views. Thanks, Antony.

Twitter shares exploded from the second half of December last year. Before that, posts got around 20 – 30 Twitter shares, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Now posts with 60 – 70 shares are more rule rather than exception, there is even one post with 96 shares and still increasing.

When looking at the posts themselves, this is the top 5 of posts published during the last year:

  1. One analogy too far (it was linked by WUWT)
  2. Attribution certainty differences between AR4 and AR5 (I wrote this post in the first half year of blogging. Probably got attention again in the previous year in the wake of the official release of AR5)
  3. Climate communication: honest reporting or solution-based reporting?
  4. Do as we tell, not as we do
  5. Wind breaking all records … for as long as it takes.

Countries in which this blog is viewed most in the last years are:

  1. United States of America (33.5%)
  2. Germany (20.3%)
  3. United Kingdom (10.7%)
  4. Australia (8.9%)
  5. Canada (8.2%)

I really appreciate you all taking the time to read/follow/share my posts and hope you will like this blog for the next year.

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