That “strong” signal of Earth Hour

It was something I didn’t realized until a couple hours ago, but it is Earth Hour this evening. From 20:30 until 21:30 we were asked by WWF to switch off our lights as a token that we are committed to save the world. They asked us to organize low-energy parties and they want to keep it really cozy. According to their Earth Hour website they marketed an Earth Hour package to keep us entertained during that hour in the dark. Beside some candles they added some other stuff (translated from Dutch):

We have thought of everything! The package also includes an Earth hour game that will provide the necessary entertainment. Fun for the whole family or the entire group because WWF has developed a game that you can play with both 2 and 99 people of all ages. Expects ‘Trivial Pursuit’ meets ‘Times Up’ meets ‘The Smartest Man’ meets ‘Hints …’. And laced with essential facts about climate and energy, ensuring great fun!

I know it is just a feel-good action and doesn’t have any impact whatsoever on our climate, but WWF sees this a bit different. They lost themselves in hyperbole (translated from Dutch):

This new edition of Earth Hour is very important because 2015 is a crucial year in the fight against climate change. At the end of the year policy makers from around the world will gather in Paris for the next climate summit. An ambitious and binding agreement need to be reached in order to control climate change. It is therefore essential that everyone is showing their commitment to achieve concrete and ambitious measures against climate change.

These measures are necessary to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystems on our planet, on which we all depend, The more people participate by turning off the lights during Earth Hour, the more important signal to the authorities that they must fully commit to that agreement.

They see it as a signal to policy makers. So how strong is this signal? What is the significance of one measly hour in a year, cozy by the candle light, playing a party game with the people you love, well knowing that the light will be switched on within the hour? But hey, now we can feel good for ourselves again and look forward for Earth Hour 2016, when we can play again Trivial Pursuit or a dinner by candle light for another hour…

That is quite a signal, but not the one they pretend it is.


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